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26/11/2017 08:55
Despite unfavorable weather, Danang audiences still show their love for cinema by appearing at a large outdoor fashion show combined with film screening outdoors on the evening of November 25, 2017 in the square of Trung Vuong Theater. With the lead of MC - Actress Mai Thu Huyen, two collections of traditional long dresses of two designers Brian Vo and Khanh Sina along with the youthful appearance of film crew of Zodiac: 5 Steps of Love” really make the interactive atmosphere "hot"...

The beginning of the show is a fashion show with a collection of designer Brian Vo with stylized outfits from the traditional ao dai, bring luxury and attract viewers from first sight. Firstly. With dresses inspired by the colors of nature, designer Brian Vo gave Danang audience a sense of being immersed in a flower forest. In this show, in addition to the appearance of professional models, we also have to mention the presence of beautiful girls representing Da Nang in the Miss Vietnam 2016 Nhu Thuy and Top 8 Miss Earth Nam Em.



  Dr Ngo Phuong Lan - Director of Vietnam Cinema Department gives flowers to artists at the exchange.


And Ms Nam Em, along with the crew Zodiac: 5 Steps of Love, including director Vu Ngoc Phuong and actor B Tran continue to warm the atmosphere with witty answers, heartfelt sharing of memories and difficulties in the making of a film to the audience. In this meeting, Nam Em also revealed a film on the upcoming Tet festival that she joined, with actor Kieu Minh Tuan directed by Dustin Nguyen.


 Delegates at the exchange.


After that is the story of the movie Zodiac: 5 Steps of Love. With B Tran, is the story of the charm of the career and the role has won the best actor award at Blue Star Award 2016. And with director Vu Ngoc Phuong, is the story of the first movie he takes the role of a director, about the cherish to make a film himself from 2013 when he was studying in the UK . He has a message to young people is never to give up dream through the story of the journey to his cinema career. Also in this exchange, director Vu Ngoc Phuong continues to share about his next film project entitled 100 days love you, is expected to launch in March 2018. The film will feature actorm, actress Jun Pham, Kha Ngan and B Tran will also appear in the film. The exchange ended when PhD. Ngo Phuong Lan - Director of the Cinema Department, Head of the Organization Committee of the 20th Vietnam Film Festival gives three guests invited flowers bouquet.



 And finally, before the movie Zodiac: 5 Steps of Love” screened on the big screen in the square, is a long dress show with the tone of the Hue imperial palace by designer Khanh Sina.

Below, are beautiful , unforgettable images in the fashion show combined outdoor film on November 25 2017.

















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