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27/11/2017 07:57
Although this was the second night of the fashion show and outdoor film and it’s rainning heavily, people of Da Nang still enjoyed the show with passion and enthusiasm. It was the warmth and the love of the Da nang people that made filmmakers, artists feel warm in the cold rain.


There were more than 10 minutes to the show fashion to begin but a lot of audience gathered before the square of Trung Vuong Theater - Da Nang on November 26 2017. The collection of dresses of Designer Xuan Thu opened this impressive fashion show.

Right after the fashion show, Danang audience had the opportunity to enjoy the romantic, funny movie Taxi, what’s your name? of the two directors Do Duc Thinh and Dinh Tuan Vu. Although there was no direct dialogue between artists and audience as the first night, but the screening is still bustling with laughters and applauses of audience when actor Truong Giang appeared on the screen. The atmosphere was warming up a corner of the square during the cold and rainy night and made the artists, the filmmakers felt very warm.





Having watched this movie before when it was released, Thu Hang and her friend still enjoyed watching it again. She knew about the outdoor movie - one of the events of the 20th Vietnam Film Festival held in Da Nang through friends. Although very young, but Vietnamese movies are always the first choice of this girl whenever she goes to the cinema. Therefore, when she knew Vietnam Film Festival held in the city, she was very eager and looking forward to go.


Most impressed is the family of Ms Trinh Thi Tin (50 years old). Living away from the city, but hearing the news of fashion show and outdoor film, all 5 sisters in that the oldest sister is over 60 years old, despite rain, wind and the stretch of road of over tens kilometers to come to the show.

It is the heartfelt, enthusiastic and passionate love of Danang audiences that make contribution to the success of the Vietnam Film Festival. Hope that the passion of people here will remain forever.


Thu Hường

ảnh: Duy Vũ

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