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26/11/2017 09:17
Within the framework of the 20th Vietnam Film Festival, from 24th to 28th November, 1977, at three cinemas in Da Nang: Le Do, Galaxy Da Nang and CGV Da Nang, there are films screened free in categories of this year's awards include: Feature Films in Competition, documentary Films, Science Films, Animated Films, Feature Films in Panorama Programme, documentary Films in Panorama Programme, 20 Films that won High Prizes at Viet nam Film Festivals and 10 films attend the ASEAN Film Awards.


Presented at the Galaxy Theater at 14:00 on November 25, within the framework of the screening of 20 films that won high awards at the Vietnam Film Festivals, we can see the passion and enthusiasm of the audience for the 20th Vietnam Film Festival as well as for the film Girl from Ha Noi and the exchange with film crew. There are many questions and thanks from Da Nang audience to their idol - actress, Lan Huong – The Girl form Hanoi that year.



"I feel very touched and proud that after 43 years, the film The Girl from Hanoi’s been selected to show in the framework of the 20th Vietnam Film Festival. The film helps us remember those who sacrificed in 1972. At the same time The Girl from Hanoi is like a living evidence, help people, especially the younger generation today understand more about the war period of our country to love and to protect the country today. " said Lan Huong

Ms Trinh Thi Huong, an audience in Da Nang together with her two children said: "There are a lot of films to be screened in this year's festival, however, I choose the film The Girl from Hanoi to take my two children to see so that they can understand and feel the sacrifice and loss that our country suffered in the war. I watched this movie when I was small so when I know that Galaxy Da Nang re-screen this movie, I am very eager to go. I am extremely touch and cry alot when seeing a classical film of Vietnamese cinema.





Uncle Ho Quang, an elderly audience, has been wiping away tears when watching the movie. "I was in tears when I saw women and children sacrificed in war, while they didn’t join the fight ". According to reporters, the age of viewers to the Galaxy Theater in these days stretches from 10 to 65 years. According to the management of the Galaxy Theater, the number of tickets given out is estimated to be over 7,000 tickets with 40 screens. After 2 days of screening, the cinema has collected more than 2,000 tickets, which is nearly one third of the ticket given out after only 14 screens. It can be said that this is an impressive number for the Vietnam Film Festival this year.




Also at Le Do cinema, where 16 feature films screened at the 20th Vietnam Film Festival, at the 20h screening on November 25, the reporter also noted that the film crew of film The Way Station came very early to see the movie and interact with people of the city. People held breath, touched with every level of emotions for each scene. So, Director Hong Anh chokingly commented: "Allow Anh to be thankful to all of you, who are here today to watch the movie tonight. I am very touched by your feelings and comments. That is the message that Hong Anh wants to send. The Way Station is the first feature film directed by Hong Anh, brought many titles for the film as well as for the two actor and actress. Stand beside Director Hong Anh, actress Ngoc Thanh Tam shared her feelings when the film’s released in the framework of the 20th Vietnam Festival: "I feel very proud when the film The Way Station belongs to the top 16 films of the Feature Film Competition. The 20th Vietnam Festival is once again crowded with audiences in Vietnam. This is an opportunity for those who have not watched or who want to see these films again to enjoy special feature films. Participating in the Vietnam Film Festival this year is a great joy and pride not only of myself, but also of the film crew, especially Hong Anh. When the film has come to many other countries, but when coming back to Vietnam, we are still received, that’s great happiness and honor.”


Every time I come to this beautiful city, I always feel that the people and the audience here is very cute. Audiences often stay with us after watching the film because they have so many emotions to share with the film crew, which proves that the film brings emotional to the audience. Nguyen Huu Kim - an older audience who did not ask questions for the film crew but listened to all the questions and shared by the crew said: "This film is quite strange and is a genre I have never seen before. The movie also brought a lot of emotions to the audience. This is really a special occasion for the audience to have the opportunity to see this awards-winning film. " As for Le Do cinema, according to statistics, up to now, the cinema has collected more than 3,000 tickets for nine screens. Most of the rooms are full, the audience comes to see and we receive positive feedback.Young audience Lam Ngoc Minh Chau said: "I was very moved to watch the film The Way Station. I can say this is the first movie to touch my heart, leaving many emotions from the dialogue to the smallest details on the film.”

According to the feedbacks from CGV Vincom Da Nang from November 24 and 25, 2017, the cinema has screened 26 times including the category of Science Films and Documentary Films, collected more than 900 tickets.

Thus, the estimate numbers up to now are the most objective evidence of the success of the Vietnam Film Festival this year in Da Nang. Under the framework of the 20th Vietnam Film Festival, there will also be exchanges of artists with the people's armed forces; Workshop on Vietnam Film Festival in the development of national cinema; Outdoor Film and Fashion Show and the closing ceremony of the 20th Vietnam Film Festival will be broadcasted live on VTV1, Da Nang television on the evening of November 28.


Articles and photos: Ha Nguyen



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