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25/11/2017 12:43
This morning, in Danang, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Danang People's Committee held a press conference introducing the opening program of the 20th Vietnam Film Festival. Nearly 800 artists, film producers, film distributors, movie organizations, etc. came to the festival.

At the press conference, Deputy Minister Vuong Duy Bien said: "Vietnam Film Festival is a special event to honor the dedication of artists and cinema activists in recent years. The films in this year’s festival also bring Da Nang audiences, domestic and foreign tourists a glimpse of the colorful, strong development of Vietnam's cinema over the past two years. At the same time, Danang audiences also have the opportunity to enjoy the films of ASEAN.





The overview of the XX Film  Festival in Da Nang


This year, the Selection Committee of the Festival has chosen from hundreds of films registered for the festival and selected 129 films of all kinds, from 34 production units nationwide and 10 countries in the ASEAN for inclusion in the festival categories. Among the films Competition: 16 feature films, 26 documentaries, 17 science films, 18 cartoons. Movies in the Panorama program: 12 feature films, 10 documentaries. Films for the ASEAN Film Awards: The selection committee’s selected 10 films from 10 countries: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanma, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam to participate in the awards.



Deputy Minister Vuong Duy Bien delivered a speech at the press conference


In addition, to mark the 20th anniversary of the festival, the Organizing Committee has selected 20 films that won prizes at festivals to show in the program "The film won high awards at the Vietnam Film Festivals". Ms Ngo Phuong Lan,  Director of the Cinema Department, Head of the festival's Organizing Committee said: The preparation for the festival has beemade very early. All items were lined up over a month ago. Therefore, the content quality of the festival this year is really focused and professional.”

Presented at the press conference, all three presidents of the jury for feature films, documentary and animation confirmed the determination to work in the most honest way to find the "right owner" in each category to award.

There are more than 200 guests, nearly 800 artists, producers, publishers, film distributors, movie organizations, and film companies have films presented at the Film Festival; nearly 50 international delegates and representatives of diplomatic delegation.



Dr. Ngo Phuong Lan, Director of Cinema Department, presided over the press conference.


According to the organizers, "This year, the Organizing Committee has invited many generations of artists to attend this Film Festival such as People's Artist Tra Giang, Doan Dung, Nhu Quynh, Le Khanh ... and just a few artists wouldn’t come for the health reason. Therefore, this is the opportunity for Danang audiences to meet their "idol" through the film screening outdoors or in the cinema.

The opening ceremony of the Film Festival will take place at 20:00 (November 24th) at Trung Vuong Theater - Da Nang City and will be broadcast live on VTV2 - Vietnam Television. The opening scene with the theme "Dawn on the sea" directed by Hoang Nhat Nam - a son of Da Nang. The director said: "This theme is to show the strength and vitality of Vietnamese cinema to “Build the Modern and Humanistic Cinema Industry”



People's Artist Dang Nhat Minh, Head of the feature film's jury answered questions from reporters


The closing and award ceremony of the film festival will be broadcast live on VTV1 - Vietnam Television at 20h on November 28th 2017. The theme for the closing and award ceremony of the Film Festival is "Seagulls on the waves” which connect with the theme "Dawn on the sea" of the opening ceremony, showing the future of Vietnamese cinema.



People's Artist Le Thi,  Head of the documentary film’s jury answered questions


After 29 years, the Vietnam Film Festival’s held again in this beautiful, friendly and hospitable coastal city. Ms Ngo Phuong Lan - Director of the Cinema Department - Head of the Organizing Committee said: "This is a great honor but also a great challenge for the Organizing Committee. The eighth festival has left a mark in the heart of Da Nang audience. Now, how to organize this film festival as well as the 1988 Festival is a challenge that organizers must overcome."



Screenwriter Doan Tuan, head of the animation’s jury in the interview


On the side of local host, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Tuan - Vice Chairman of Danang People's Committee - Deputy Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Film Festival, said: "From the time of receiving the flag, the city leaders have identified this is a national cultural highlight and have quickly prepared to ensure the success of the Film Festival. Up to now, we have confirmed that the city is ready to welcome artists, actors, managers, producers, film distributors and moviegoers to this colorful festival. "

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