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26/11/2017 03:17
For the first time in over haft of the century from the first Vietnam Film Festival held in 1970, A workshop to evaluate the role and effect of the Vietnam Film Festival in the cause of national cinema development took place as an important and useful highlight.

Workshop Vietnam Film Festival in the cause of national cinema development (at Royal Lotus Hotel, Da Nang, from 9am to 12’30 on November 26th, 2017) is an important activity held in the framework of the 20th Vietnam Film Festival. This workshop attracted about 300 scholars, cinema managers, filmmakers and many reporters to attend and report.



At the workshop, experts agree that the Vietnam Film Festival has always accompanied and confirmed its important position throughout the history of cinema development. The organization of this workshop is urgent for our country has implemented the open-door policy, integrated deeper and wider into the world. This intensive and rapid integration is paving the way for new issues to be clarified and need to have renovation in accordance with the reality for the Vietnam Film Festival to promote positive factors, contributing to the development of the national cinema.

PhD. Ngo Phuong Lan in her speech said: "The film festival has the effect of encouraging and orienting the development of cinema." She added: "For nearly 50 years, the Vietnam Film Festival has changed its slogan many times in order tobe in line with the orientation of each stage, but always emphasizes the nationality, humanity and purpose of serving the people of cinema." The Vietnam Film Festival is increasingly becoming standardized, close to international standards. The quality of the Vietnam Film Festival in recent years has improved, integrating deeper with the region and the world. "



At this workshop, experts also looked at the important effects of the Vietnam Film Festival on the development of national cinema.

First of all, the selection and award of excellent films is of great importance in orienting the work of artists. In the resistance war, movies about revolutionary heroism were encouraged.

In peace and innovation, the Vietnam Film Festival has timely evaluated and honored films that have new content and forms of creativity, such as human stories, post-war themes, issues that are urgent in social life.

Director Dang Nhat Minh said: "Through the film festivals with films being shown, people can know the history of the country, know what people are interested in and the tastes of the audience. Scriptwriter Nguyen Thi Hong Ngat said that it was necessary to make the film with higher quality. In the current situation, Vietnamese films are lacking in the mainstream, "those who are well educated do not have funds to make film," it is a fact that need to think.

Mr Tran Luan Kim- a critical theorist said that the Vietnam Film Festival has a strong integration, especially the initiative to bring ASEAN film awards to be a category in the Film Festival. However, he emphasized that modernity must be attached to the nationality of the cinema.

The award-winning works in the Vietnam Film Festivals are the essence of the filmmakers' works, becoming the subject to research of critics, theorists, which are taught in the universities of cinema and be introduced to the world. Ms. Nguyen Thu Ha, Vice-President of Hanoi University of Cinema, also mentioned the "Bong Sen dream" of students at the university and asked the managers to create favorable conditions for them to attend in a category for young filmmakers in the Film Festival.



The filmmakers also noted that “each festival is a great chance to introduce films to public and attract audiences to the movies. Exhibitions on cinema leave good memories of the stages of development and images of movie stars at that time. The festival is also an opportunity to meet and exchange among filmmakers, and exchange between artists and the public. At the same time, it draws the attention of the media as a cultural event that has the power to spread and inspire people all over the country.

Experts also set out and discussed new issues in filmmaking such as public-private partnerships; the role of private studios; filmmaking in the market mechanism and the positioning of the market movies in the diverse cinema; Research and promote, send the films with awards to abroad ...

In particular, the issue of adding new criteria, new insights in scoring and awarding cinema prizes in film festivals in line with modern art thinking, to properly evaluate and promptly promote unique works has been discussed as a focus of the workshop. The awarding of film, which expresses the artistic direction, is always the focus of public opinion and brings feedback from many sides including the artists, the public and the media.




Workshops took place in a democratic, frank, and high-quality atmosphere. Hopefully, the issues discussed would help filmmakers, cinema managers and professionals have necessary adjustments so that the upcoming film festivals increasingly meet the diverse and innovative demands.

                                                                                                Thiên Sơn



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