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27/11/2017 07:24
This is the second meeting of the artists, in the series of activities of the 20th Vietnam Film Festival, took place at 2 pm on November 26th at Da Nang Military Command, No. 4 Le Duan Street.

Attending the meeting were Ms. Nguyen Thi Sau, Director of the
Committee on Culture, Education, Adolescents, and Children of the National Assembly; Ms. Tran Thi Phuong Lan, Deputy Director of the Culture and Arts Department of the Central Commission for Propaganda and Education; Mr. Phan Dinh Thanh, Deputy Director of Cinema Department, Deputy Director of Film Festival’s Organizing Committee; Ms Nguyen Thi Hoi An, Deputy Director of the Danang Department of Culture and Sports and many guests, artists who has films in this festival.All the artists were excited when they came to Da Nang Military Command, to exchange with soldiers. Delegates of artists to come include: People's Artist Tra Giang, People's Artist Le Khanh, Director - Meritorious Artist Nguyen Huu Muoi, Poem - Writer Hoang Nhuan Cam, Director Bui Tuan Dung, Meritorious Artist Hoang Hai.



People's Artist Tra Giang was impressed, sharing her memories with cinema  through the film Latitude 17: day and night, Sister Tu Hau, ... "Being an actress in such a hard, difficult situation, sometimes thinking back I wonder why at that time, the whole team can overcome. However, I think that although there are hardships, but the love of artists for the soldiers are still there, sympathy. Perhaps that is why we have overcome many difficulties that presumably as insurmountable. For an artist like me, there is nothing happier than living truly with the character you play."



Không khí đông vui tại buổi giao lưu.


The same with People's Artist Trà Giang, People's Artist Le Khanh was also excited to share memories when playing film about the war. "Up to now, many viewers when watching the movie Dòng sông hoa trắng (The River with White flowers) that tells the story of four female soldiers being shot, wonder why Miss Le Khanh was shot with three bullets. Because, it was a very difficult time, in order to save money, after the first action failed, the director asked to shoot three shots to be sure”. Sharing of Ms Le Khanh made the meeting hall more intimate and closer.




Memories when playing a role in a film in the war have been brought on stage by the artists to exchange with the soldiers. It can be seen that, with the love for art, the artists have done great things and left many imprints, images of a hardship but heroic time for generations to understand more about a period of history of Vietnam.
In addition to the old artists, some young people in the film crew also joined the meeting: Director Dinh Tuan Vu, Director - Meritorious Artist Duc Thinh, Actress - Producer Thanh Thuy, Director Ly Minh Thang, Actor Huynh Lap and Singer - Actress Phương Trinh Jolie.
Speaking about the subject of war, Director - Meritorious Artist Do Duc Thinh shared about the film Heart Mission. He revealed, after the release of the film, the producer suffered heavy losses. However, Producer Thanh Thuy asserted that, “if there are good scripts on the war topic, about the soldiers in peace time, even with losses, she still will produce”.


Commenting on the meaning of the festival this year, the young director Dinh Tuan Vu said: "The 20th Vietnam Film Festival is a great opportunity for us - the young filmmakers to meet, learn from colleagues to improve in the cinema works later. At the same time, it is also a chance for the artists to talk and exchange with soldiers of the Military Command of Danang. "

When being asked about the recent films such as Taxi, what is your name ?, Wait until tomorrow, that Director Dinh Tuan Vu is following the youthful, fresh, and somewhat humorous style, whether it is the purpose that he’s pursuing in the future, this young director said: "After the Life of Yen - the film tells the life of a village girl in 1945, from the age of 10 until she grew up, I decided to go to the South because I wanted to conquer new challenges for myself.These two mentioned movies are what I want to test. However, I feel that the taste of Vietnamese audiences nowadays is growing more and more diversified. They are not just interested in comedy films, but also the films about the human fates and these films have very good revenue such as Lotto, Dạ cổ hoài lang. I think that in the years to come, as Vietnam's cinema industry develops more and we will have more films with different themes and genres for many ages, including the war films as well that can creat “fever” box office.




Singer Phuong Thanh was invited to interact with the audience. She said she really liked to be an actress, but at that time she did not have oppotunity so she had to switch to singing to earn her living. She also mentioned the directors present at the meeting that, if there are films about the subject of soldiers, remember her, Phuong Thanh is also willing to join even not the main character.




Talking about the preparation for the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Tuan Khanh, member of the Organizing Committee, said: "When receiving the instruction from the higher level that there will have an exchange between film artists and officers, soldiers in the army, I feel happy that I can meet my favorite artists who I love long time ago. Because of the military environment, we hardly have time to meet artists in real life.

So, the exchange today is really a rare opportunity, I myself want the program to go smoothly, shorten the distance between artists and soldiers. During the meeting, I was really touched to learn how the artists had to go through the difficulties to get beautiful and touchy scenes on the screen in order to help Vietnam cinema develop as it is now. " The exchange of Artists with officers, soldiers at the Da Nang military command successfully closed in the applause of the soldiers and officers of the Da Nang Military Command. The program was longer than expected but both the artists and the soldiers were happy. The artists also took pictures with the soldiers of the Military Command of Danang.

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